MC turbo head install help (engine in car)

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Fri Jan 31 09:22:38 EST 2003

Konstantin, cjances are, you're ok, but try to remember how much
play you had between the studs and their holes. The studs I pulled
out of the old (rebuilt) head that was on the car were very loose,
almost right down to full seating. The newer (rebuilt off another
car) had tighter tolerance, but was still loose. I'm not sure, but I
think the holes loosen up when studs are removed, then replaced. I
have a third orginal head, with no trouble and no clearance, as well
as another kh head with the same tight tolerance.

Symptoms are: occasional tick on start up, goes away soon, but takes
longer and longer as time goes on until it doesn't go away. Loss if
power, turbo lag. Starts rumbling under the hood, exhaust odor. In
my case, I saw the underside stud of cylinder #1 was missing. I
thought it was broken because I couldn't insert another. The upper
one kept loosening. I kept tightening until the tick went away.
Until the threads stripped. Tried tapping an oversized bolt. Still
rumbled an ticked, but from further back. I realized ALL the studs
were coming off. When I pulled the stuff out, I saw only the #3
cylinder studs were tight. All of the other had come waaay loose.

The new stuff went on with blue loctite that was allowed many days
to cure. I think Huw Powell used red in the ng build up on his site.
ANyway, 5k miles later, it's still ok.

Good luck. I think you'll be ok. If not, it'll be easier the second
time around, right? :)
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I did it in same way, used pieces of dowel in places for bolts to
align while lowering the head onto block.  I climbed under the hood
with feet standin somewhere around
engine mounts, lifted the head with em, im, turbo and wg which was
resting on front cross member and put it in place with considerable
strain in my back.  My son was
looking at gasket making sure I did not dislodge it.

Scott,  unfortunately,  I found out about the need to loctite after
I installed the head.  Now I am waiting of sympthoms.  What are
they? No ticking sound yet.  What else?


> From: "scott thomas" <scott at>
> I just did my job three weeks ago. I left the downpipe on the car,
> but loosened it from the exhaust. That helped me align everything
> removal/installation. I pulled and reinstalled the turbo, IM, EM,
> head, and wastegate all as one piece.
> If I didn't have an unforseen problem at every step, it would've
> an easy job. Don't forget to loctite the em studs. The
> didn't and that's why I had to redo his job. Only two studs were
> holding the em on <5k after the job was done. It sucked pulling and
> replacing all the stuff that was new on the upper end.

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