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I would try Chris Semple at force5auto.com. He's a quattro lister
with fair prices.
You're the first person I've heard call Shokan in a long time. I
called 'em a few months ago. They charge more than my local Audi
dealer for parts. I remember I needed something which they only had
a used model of. The price was within a couple of bucks of the new
price at the dealer.
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I have an '88 5KT with this problem: For a couple of years the tach
needle either rests on zero or jumps all over the place up to about
4K. Very distracting. Now my odometer stopped working at 190K. The
speedo is OK as well as the fuel and water temp guages. The trip
computer works. Anyone know what gives? Problems are probably not
related to each other. Shokan wants $385.00 plus shipping for an
instrument cluster w/ $100.00 rebate for the "core". Suggestions
please. Thanks.
hrddoughty at aol.com
LeClaire, IA
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