Help - Timing Belt off by tooth - or Vac leak???

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Fri Jan 31 10:14:17 EST 2003

my quattro is back!!! =))))  i owe a big thanks to everyone's advice and to the list generally b/c i've never undertaken this level of work on a car; otherwise a mechanic would have fixed this months ago, and i wouldn't have these cuts, bruises, or this satisfaction...

i think the timing was correct all along, ie, i never adjusted it.  And i don't think i have a vacuum leak.  I put the cooling system back together, filled it up, and just let the engine run.  (I also changed oil/filter)  It was loud and rough for a while, with much white smoke out the back, but eventually it settled down and the exhaust seems normal.

it idles at just above 800, like before, quite steady.  pulling the oil cap makes it stall, unless i pull it _right_ away after starting it cold.  it pulls strongly up past 4500 rpm (haven't gone much higher, yet)

drivability feels similar/same as before, though it _seems_ like for a given rpm it goes a _bit_ faster/easier.... as in this hill _seems_ easier but probably in my head b/c of my excitement at just driving something that i had in so many pieces :)

the only thing is with the AC on at idle the rpms cycle b/w 600-1000 or so as the ac clutch cycles on/off.  i remember the AC having some effect on idle before and i don't _think_ it was this much, but i'm really not sure.

basically, i'm still open to possibility the timing is off a tooth, or that a vac leak exists but seals when warm, yet for now all seems in order.

thanks again for everyones help,

George Siambis
'88 90q (204k, off a 2 month hiatus)

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