Mineral Oil alternative

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And recommendations from
Shell T 32 6792
....$30.00 for 5 gallons

Mobil DTE-13M

 Ford tractor's Hydraulic Oil.

Could someone please give me a final recommendation ?

I got this from a lister.

If you use anything but the correct fluid or mix anything with it, in about
months you may also need in addition to a rebuilt pump, a new/rebuilt rack,
a few hoses, and, a brake booster. A rebuilt rack goes for about $250-$300,
the hoses around $150, the brake booster for about $295-$600 plus a
complete system flush and the labor to install all the rebuilt/new parts.

You do the math! (use the correct fluid unless you really want to see just
how expensive your Audi can be) Audi warns you of this numerous times
in the Bentley Factory Service/Repair Manual, in your owners manual, on
the hydraulic fluid reservoir in the vehicle and on the label of the can of
correct fluid. See the attached files.
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