2001 TT225Q Electrical Problems.....strange

Igesso575 at aol.com Igesso575 at aol.com
Wed Jul 2 17:11:37 EDT 2003

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Hello,  I lease a 2001 TT225Q and was just wondering if any of you have heard
or have experienced any of the following problems....
Passenger window goes up and down on its own....
While driving, car tries to lock itself over and over... You hear the
clicking of the locks.
Once parked... and vehicle exited ...once door shuts or  maybe a few minutes
after the door shuts..the alarm engages itself.
and if windows are down the windows will go up on its own...
And finally....if key is in ignition... and vehicle is exited and door
shuts...i still goes under lockdown as described above.
The car is currently in the shop and no one there has ever heard of this...
if anyone has had this stuff happening and know of the fix please let me

Thanks in advance......  Marc...... CT

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