Heat through side vents 80/90 4000 Q

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Jul 3 00:16:37 EDT 2003

> Directly behind the valve cover between the motor and the firewall is
> the plastic valve that sends hot coolant to the heater core.
> If the 80/90 is the same as the 4000Q (85 - 87) then that's your
> reason why your heat seems on.
> Finger muscle on the lever with the wire attached and cool air to all vents.

The 4K/Coupe has a different set up than the 80/90.  While the 4K/Coupe
controls the heat by varying the amount of heated coolant through
the heater core (via the heater valve), the 80/90 does so by mixing
varying amounts of heated vs. unheated air entering the cabin (via
flaps).  As I understand it, on the 80/90 the heater core gets
coolant flow at all times.

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