UPDATE: fuel starvation/loud pump on 83 urq

passat TS passat_ts at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 3 17:33:40 EDT 2003

It's a long shot, but I had something similar with a different car/pump.
Gunk accumulated in the tube between the pump and the accumulator.
Apparently it could flow through the pump, but collected outside the fitting
of the accumulator.
I replaced the tube and nothing else, and the car came back to normal..

Good luck,


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>Subject: UPDATE: fuel starvation/loud pump on 83 urq Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003
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>Hi All,
>Well, no luck yet....
>The car will not accelerate without stumbling badly. This can occur even in
>1st gear. The tach needle doesn't bounce so I think the coil is working.
>BTW, how hot is a coil supposed to get?
>Here's what I've done so far:
>I relayed the pump to direct battery power and gained over a volt (but I
>that a while ago).
>I looked for clogged or bubbling pre-filter. Nope, don't even have one.
>a piece of pipe. Which is clean and unclogged.
>I let the fuel flow out of the tank outlet hose (pre-filter inlet) for a
>seconds. It flowed very well, no gurgling or bubbling, just a fast-moving
>smooth stream of clean fuel.
>I moved to the fuel filter and changed it. Brown gas came out of it. In the
>drain pan, I could see some fine rust sediment. Great, I thought. Maybe
>is the problem. Nope, runs the same as before.
>That leaves the accumulator and the pump.
>The accumulator was replaced by a PO 4 years and not many miles ago. I have
>the receipt.
>Regardless of changes in pitch, the pump is much louder than it was and I
>think it's original! Sigh. I have a spare used pump from my 4kq parts car.
>I'll try that for troubleshooting purposes.
>Any other ideas?
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