how AC clutch cycles? AC thermostat checking?

David Head v8q at
Thu Jul 3 21:45:27 EDT 2003

AC is only a 15-20 degree subcool. If the recirc vent is broken, the
best you will get is that amount below ambient.

Konstantin Bogach wrote:

>I think I figured out my problem.  I did not verify it yet but I think that
>permanently open fresh air door (broken hook on vacuum servo) causing low
>temperatures at vents.
>Compressor cycles when fan A/C fan is not on full speed and it does not when the fan
>is on full.  I believe that continuos flow of warm air through evaporator is the
>problem.  I will close the door and let you know what happened.
>Thank you for your responses.
>Eric wrote:

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