ok, im thinking there's something seriously wrong w/ the urq...

Michael S. Williams mike at borderlinemotorsports.com
Thu Jul 3 22:39:08 EDT 2003

so, mc'd urq...

tonight, i replaced the throttle/wot switch, the michelin man hose,
and the temp sensor for the isv (which is now functional, thank

im trying to check the duty cycle (again), and with everything
connected (except isv) it goes to 4.6% and then turns off...  i try
leaning it out, but then the car just stalls instead of settling into
an idle.. but as soon as it goes off idle, the frequency valve turns
back on and functions correctly... and then sometimes, at idle, it
will kind of turn on and off, cycling between that 'off' of 4.6% up
to maybe 11%... ARGH!!

here's where it starts to get really scary to me...  i disconnect the
crankcase breather hose, and plug the subsequent vacuum leak...  only
problem is that it isnt always a vacuum leak...  sometimes the hose
coming up from the crank is spitting out air, and sometimes it is
under vacuum.  sometimes the hose that connects to the valve cover is
under vacuum, and other times it isnt...

i noticed what looks like white smoke coming from my tail pipe at
idle for the first time...  it is coming in bursts... there'll be
nothing, then a little bit, then it sort of billows out, then goes
away... it seems to increase when the engine stumbles slightly at
idle.... of course, this was at dusk, in san francisco, and the fog
was in the process of rolling in, so im trying to hope that it was
some weird condensation or something, since there were a few drops of
water being spit out the back... but i dunno why it would have come
in bursts like that...  also, the exhaust does smell heavily of
fuel... i dont smell burnt oil, and i dont smell any coolant there...

again, still the same power issue...i double checked all of my intake
hoses, and i find NO vacuum leaks whatsoever... i simply dont
understand what's wrong...

when i parked the car in 2001, despite the EM problem, it had a ton
of power.  when i started it up in 2003 w/ a new head, manifold, etc,
it has about as much power as an escort (only 90% of the time... i
have experienced a couple of instances where i get a hell of alot
more power out of the car... as in a LOT closer to what i expect and

im waiting for my paycheck in two weeks, then im thinking i'll just
take it across the bridge to marin where there's a mechanic who is
apparently really good at CIS and hopefully he'll find the problem
(and that it isnt a head gasket... which i cant imagine blowing,
since it is brand new!)

does anyone have any idea, w/ these newly noticed symptoms?

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