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Dave Hord spokes at
Fri Jul 4 11:55:21 EDT 2003

Been surfing todays archives.

I've got the B+G springs in my 4kq.  They aren't much stiffer then the stock
springs IMHO, but combined with my Koni adjustables they offer a very good
ride.  I'd say my set up is more or less what a "sport" factory suspension
should have felt like when the car was brand new.

I don't feel cracks in the pavement, dips and yumps are smoothed out, and
speedbumps are surprisingly comfortable.  The odd sudden impact, such as a
pothole, makes my teeth rattle...but it's only happened once or twice since I
did the suspension.

(FWIW I'm running full soft on the koni's up front, and halfway between hard
and soft on the rear).

The B+G Site claims that the springs will drop my 4kq by 1.4".  Consensus at
our Western-Toronto-Audifans meet last night was that I got _way_ more then
1.4" of drop.  We guestimate it's closer to 2" of drop.

Combined with the CSA wheels that came with my 4kq, it's a very aggressive
looking stance.  The wheels (we think) have a slightly incorrect offset, making
them fill out the wheel-wells quite a bit.

I'm using OEM sized tires 196/60R14's, and get a slight amount of rub at the
left rear when hitting large bumps.  I haven't had an alignment done since I
put the suspension in two weeks ago, however, so it could be a matter of
alignment or simply the subframe is off just a bit to the left.

I'd certainly recommend the B+G springs for a factory style ride.  I'd look
elsewhere if I wanted something with a stiffer spring rate.



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