Decision Time

Brian Pleet bpleet at
Fri Jul 4 18:52:29 EDT 2003

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My 90 90Q 20V is smoking like the James Bond  trick for loosing pursuers.

Looks like valve seals are gone and a variable amount of oil gets burned
when the engine has been idling for a seconds. It's my wife's car and she
has now taken over my S6 until I either get her a new car or fix it. In
every other way this car, 175k km is working like a charm and the finish is

What choices do I have?

1) Replace the head with a remanufactured one? If so, where do you get one?
2) Find a competent shop to rebuild the head? What warranty would I need?
Is this only something a VW or Audi dealer should be trusted with?
3) Do it myself (scary thought). I have time this summer and an Alfa Romeo
Spider to get me places (when it's dry)
4) Bail now and sell it at night?

Any suggestions welcome.

Brian Pleet
90 90Q 20V
95 S6

E-mail: bpleet at


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