Dead/dying Alternator?

Paul Luevano paul at
Sat Jul 5 18:13:13 EDT 2003

So, it gets weirder.  I got up this am, and went to pull the alternator, since
it has a lifetime warrantee and all.  The 30 minute job turned into a nightmare
when the rear pivot bolt snapped.  I had to remove the whole alternator and
alternator bracket together as a unit.  Then find a shop that was open to
drill/tap the broken bolt out.  Once I got that done, I got the new alternator
and installed it.

Still have the 3 lights on, the Bat./ABS/Parking Brake.  When I start the car, I
don't get any charging.  But "blipping" the throttle will cause the alternator
to start charging, but the lights still stay on.

Using channel 11, engine off, ignition on, 12.6V.  Engine, 13.6V, so that looks
right.  The 3 lights stay on on the dash.  Dash voltmeter concurs.  If I take a
multi meter, I see the same sort of values at the alternator and that the

Now, could I have hooked something up wrong?  Somewhere else to look?  I'm
looking through Bentley right now, and Chris's and Scott's pages, but nothing is
jumping out at me.

Any help appreciated!!

> I was just heading out to a July 4th BBQ, when I noticed that my ABS off/parking
> brake/battery lights were on.  A quick look over at the volt
> meter, about 11.
> I rev the engine up, I can just get to 12v at about 6k. Now for the last week or
> so, I've had to blip the throttle when I start the car to get the 3 lights to go
> off. I just thought loose belt or something.  But the belt is tight, and now
> this.
> Thoughts?
> <grabs helmet and takes bike instead>
> Thanks!

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