Rear Caliper piston rust

SJ syljay at
Sat Jul 5 18:52:18 EDT 2003

"Chicago Rawhide 6405 16x24x7 it is a little taller then the stock piece,
but has worked flawlessly."
Frank at

Lots of seals at Chicago rawhide . . . I could not find 6405 as a part
number on the web site. It may require a phone call to describe the part.

Konstantin Bogach did get his E-brake seals from Chicago, and they worked.
But, he did not recall the part number when I queried him.

When you find out what the part number is . . let us all know so we can add
that to the knowledge base.

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88 Audi 5kq
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> > to.  Nobody has reported a source for the seal that
> > goes in the hole the
> > cable arm assembly sits in, but, reportedly, a
> > replacement seal wouldn't
> > keep the system from corroding in the future anyway.


> It's a generic seal.  I think it was made in Malaysia.
>  I trust the co. I buy most of my bearings and seals
> from.  Bearings and Drives Unlimited in Plains, PA.
> Very nice and knowledgeable.  They carry dial calipers
> in their pocket protectors.  Office looks like it's
> right out of the 60's.  OE size is 16x24x7 if memory
> serves.  I may have used 8mm depth.  I just measured
> the pocket and it's almost 9mm deep.

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