o2 sensor replaced

Michael S. Williams mike at borderlinemotorsports.com
Sat Jul 5 22:10:47 EDT 2003

so, i got the o2 sensor off...  i think the biggest help was the
penetrating oil (LOTS of penetrating oil) and letting it sit

obviously, o2 sensor sockets suck (well, obvious to me now, after
breaking one and getting another one that would barely apply torque
without simply flexing out and spinning around the sensor), so i went
to sears and got a 22mm deep impact socket...

well, i cut the wires, so there was no turning back at that point...
then i placed the socket on the o2 sensor to find out that it wasn't
deep enough... not good... so i got out the dremel and tried to cut
off the uppermost part... heh, just wore down the cutting wheel...
but i was able to break it off... socket still didnt fit...

but i did find a deep socket (not impact) 7/8ths and thought that
might work... used that, a long breaker bar, and a 4 foot pole for
extra torque, and it did break loose, thank god...

so, got the new one in there,  car runs maybe a little bit smoother,
but the power issue is still there... it is more consistent though,
so maybe at this point it is about finding the right mixture

im gonna make a lead that will allow me to connect a voltmeter to the
signal wire and read the volts (my air/fuel ratio gauge wont be here
for another couple weeks, and im impatient) to get a better idea of
what's going on...

i'll keep y'all updated...

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