o2 sensor replaced

Todd Young auditodd at comcast.net
Sun Jul 6 14:04:17 EDT 2003

Couple things from my experience:
1) Definitely use lots of penetrating oil, and let sit overnight.
2) I also broke an O2 socket, $20 one. Went and bought a $10 cheapy and
a hose clamp. Open up the hose clamp, put the socket over the O2 sensor
and then put the hose clamp around the bottom of the O2 socket and
tighten it up. This helps hold the socket "closed" around the O2 sensor.
Less chance of breaking another socket.

Oh, and don't even attempt this without a 1/2" breaker bar at least 21"
long. You WILL need the leverage.

Michael S. Williams wrote:
> so, i got the o2 sensor off...  i think the biggest help was the
> penetrating oil (LOTS of penetrating oil) and letting it sit
> overnight...
> obviously, o2 sensor sockets suck (well, obvious to me now, after
> breaking one and getting another one that would barely apply torque
> without simply flexing out and spinning around the sensor), so i went
> to sears and got a 22mm deep impact socket...

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