new face for Audis

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I have to disagree with you John.  I think that car is drop dead sexy as
hell.  It is time that Audi updated the styling of their vehicles.  This
look is here to stay for a while.

Not much different from the TT's and very leading edge.  I think the
cars today that encompass that look will be very desireable as
collectors cars and will be highly sought after for many years.  The
70's was full of vanilla cars - the 80's saw a small improvement is
aesthetics.  The 90's WTF?  Cars of today will hold a place in history
like the cars from the 40's and 50's.

Of courts this is just IMHO.


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ok, I'll come right out and say it - YUCK!  WTF are they thinking?
Geez, I thought the Cayenne was ugly... but Audi one-upped them with
this new Mack truck size grill face.  What's next, carbon wings and
chrome fender flares?  Maybe undercar neon in DTM team colors?

Since they're test driving the Nuvolari in the new Automobile Magazine
and it is widely reported that the facia is green lit for the 2005
models... I object!

I'm sure the basic CAR will be nice, but who'd want to be seen in it?  I
can't drive something I think looks THAT bad.  Just fix the front and
all will be well...please!

If I was in the hunt for a new Audi, which I'm not, I'd make it very
clear to the dealer what I thought of the new face and the chance of me
ever buying one.  But, I hope it causes rapid depreciation in the used
models so I can pick up a few of the pre-ugly models cheap ;)

Is it just me?  Does everyone love it or something?


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