[urq] multifunction temp sensor

Martin Pajak martin at quattro.ca
Wed Jul 9 23:49:41 EDT 2003


MC Ur-q does not need the multifunction switch unless you have the after-run
coolant pump stuff installed as well.
The 5kt uses it for the temp gauge and afterrun coolant pump.
MAC11 needs the single pin sensor on the cylinder head by #1 spark plug.

Martin Pajak


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> hey all, i have a question.  i just got my multifunction temp sensor
> from rod at the parts connection, and it's the correct pn for the 4
> pin one (well, on the bag it came in it is), 034 919 369C....  only
> problem is that it only has three pins, not four... it IS brown
> though...  the actual sensor has no markings at all, except "200.01"
> '8/1" and  the pins are labeled 't' 'r' and 'c'....
> is this a usable one for the MC'd urq?  i dont think so, but i dunno
> if maybe this sensor is for a non a/c car (which wouldnt be a big
> deal since my car has the AC deleted...)...
> anyway, thanks in advance...
> later
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