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Thu Jul 10 10:16:32 EDT 2003

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>I read somewhere about some kind of light show that Audi is sponsoring.
>Supposed to be in Chicago right now. Anyone know anything about it?
(Forgive me if
>this was already discussed, I may have been sleeping at the wheel).
>95A6q pearl

This Audi light show is a "feature" of all type 44 (5000/100/200) Audi

It starts out with a set of dimly glowing "headlamps" (they must be
headlamps, they are mounted on the front of the car, right?), then moves
back to a collection of lights and buzzers more or less controlled by "Hal"
the autocheck computer - a distant relative of the "Dave, the airlock is
open" Hal. These lights and buzzers resemble a patchinko machine on
benzedrine, flashing and blinking apparently at random in the dashboard,
complaining about various things that may or may not be wrong with the car,
and every once in a while, it flashes a "reassuring" "OK" on startup - mine
has done this twice in the last month and it is making me nervous.

Moving further back, there are dimly glowing red lights scattered about the
interior, on the armrests and rear door ashtray covers, and these lights
also flicker on and off apparently at random. Note that the operational
status of the light in no way indicates operational status of the
corresponding (or in fact, any) window - it just helps you find the switch
in the dark.

At the opposite end of the car from the dimly glowing "headlamps" (which
means that must be the back of the car, correct?), there are some more
lights, some of which glow red, some amber, and some of which, when burned
out, also shut off the dash lights. Opening and closing the trunk lid
sometimes affects the operation of these lamps, just like opening and
closing the driver's door can affect the oepration of the door lamps and

And now for the $64,000 question - on the average type 44, who wants to
take a stab at counting the number of electric motors and lights (LED and
incandescent) on the car?

Let's see:

radiator fan motor
central door locking vacuum motor
power antenna motor
sunroof motor
window motors (4)
power seat motors (three in each front seat, total 6)
climate controller motor
heater fan motor
inside-air thermostat aspirator motor (inside the dash)
turbo after-run pump motor
wiper motor
washer motor
there's another little motor up front, mounted under the fender on three
rubber studs - I forget what it does
starter motor
we won't count the ISV actuator - it is more of a solenoid, or any motors
in CD or casette players - YMMV on these.

That's 22 so far, did I miss many?

I'm not even gonna TRY to count the lights . . .

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

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