multifunction temp sensor

Suffolk GameServer LAN at
Thu Jul 10 13:41:18 EDT 2003

As it was explained to me the lack of one pin means the newer part doesn't
need 12V to preheat or operate the sensor.
They are a superceeded part and should work fine.
Any one have the "technical" answer if I'm wrong?
-SCott in BOSTON

hey all, i have a question.  i just got my multifunction temp sensor
from rod at the parts connection, and it's the correct pn for the 4
pin one (well, on the bag it came in it is), 034 919 369C....  only
problem is that it only has three pins, not four... it IS brown
though...  the actual sensor has no markings at all, except "200.01"
'8/1" and  the pins are labeled 't' 'r' and 'c'....

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