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Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at
Thu Jul 10 12:03:47 EDT 2003

  I'm late on this thread but BTDT for sure.  Almost Identical
situation.  NOw I use old OIL as it burns really slow. :-)

--- Huw Powell <audi at> wrote:
> > BE CAREFUL! Working with gas.
> sorry about the NAC...
> I finally obtained the rest of the empirical data I needed on
> the
> flammability of gasoline (favorite quote: "You can put out a
> cigarette
> in a bucket of gas").
> Ripped out some bittersweet (a vicious, invasive vine) and
> decided to
> burn it per my nurseryman's instructions.  Darn, no charcoal
> lighter to
> get things going... what the heck, why not use some of my
> lawnmower's gas?
> Doused the cubic yard or so pile of brush with a gallon or two
> of
> gasoline, and proceeded to *try* to light it on fire.  I was
> having
> trouble, since most of it just washed off.
> The seconds were ticking by... by the time I hit on lighting a
> clump of
> fine roots, where the plant would be more flammable (and might
> have
> absorbed more gasoline), the liquid in the sand below and the
> pile in
> front of me had had a chance to spread out as vapors close to
> the ground.
> Then I snapped the lighter at the chunk of root I saw near the
> bottom...
> Fwooosh!
> All I remember is outrunning the expanding circle of flame at
> my feet,
> diving over a pile of sand and hitting the ground rolling,
> just in case.
> All that burnt were a few eyebrows (I had too many anyway) and
> some arm
> hairs.  There were singed patches of scrubby weeds in a twenty
> foot
> circle around the now-burning (success!) pile of bittersweet.
> That run from the center is something I can only recommend in
> the
> highest way and with the greatest enthusiasm to anyone looking
> for a
> cheap thrill.
> --
> Huw Powell

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