Left front movement.

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Thu Jul 10 17:59:26 EDT 2003

Mark, I'm not aware of a GTI bushing that will work in your application, the entire front suspension is a totally different design.  You should jack the wheel up in the air and check for play, you most certainly have some and it should be quite visible.


>Hi All
>Got a minor prob that I'd thought I'd ask you lot about before I start
>taking things apart.
>  On my 93 80q v6 there appears to be a loose mount somewhere, when I brake
>at low speed and then accelerate immediately you can hear a small clunk
>coming from front left.
>  Now I was told by the idiot who sold me the car that they had recently
>replaced a wishbone bush on the front left, he was very happy with himself
>as he told me how he managed to save £8 by using a golf GTi bush.
>  A'm I correct in thinking that this bloke was a muppet, I have always
>thought that audi q parts were practically specialist due to the increased
>load put upon them, especially when you take into account that the struts
>have braces and can't absorb as much movement as a normal car.  If this is
>not the case what else could cause movement like that, the brake pads are
>getting low but not that bad and the suspension seems fine (no obvious
>  Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
>Marc S
>uk 93 V6 80q
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