A4 Radio Lock

Keith Fahlgren kfahlgren at wooster.edu
Thu Jul 10 19:42:54 EDT 2003

My mom's been having some problems with her '97 A4 (factory) radio. I dunno which one it is, except that it's the tape.

Here's what she said:
>>>My Audi radio is still locked up. Our first attempts were with wrong code number. Since then Charlie has dug up the correct number. However the radio remains locked in the Safe II mode. Directions say wait an hour with radio on, then reenter code. We've waited and tried over two days with no results--SAFE II stays on. Tried disconnecting and reconnecting the battery and SAFE stayed locked in. Thelen says problem must be the radio and to replace it. Peter has tried to pull radio but can't get console panel off.<<<

Any suggestions?

I looked on the archives and haven't found anything yet.


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