A4 Radio Lock

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Jul 10 17:15:13 EDT 2003

Try here: http://www.amb.org/ti/audi/radios

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Keith Fahlgren writes:
> My mom's been having some problems with her '97 A4 (factory) radio. I dunno=
>  which one it is, except that it's the tape.
> Here's what she said:
> >>>My Audi radio is still locked up. Our first attempts were with wrong cod=
> e number. Since then Charlie has dug up the correct number. However the rad=
> io remains locked in the Safe II mode. Directions say wait an hour with rad=
> io on, then reenter code. We've waited and tried over two days with no resu=
> lts--SAFE II stays on. Tried disconnecting and reconnecting the battery and=
>  SAFE stayed locked in. Thelen says problem must be the radio and to replac=
> e it. Peter has tried to pull radio but can't get console panel off.<<<
> Any suggestions?
> I looked on the archives and haven't found anything yet.

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