type44 lic. plate brkt.

David Conner conner at cfm.Ohio-State.edu
Fri Jul 11 13:36:27 EDT 2003

I don't think the butterfly  (toggle) bolts are an option, unless you drill
clear through the aluminum bumper with a dime size hole.  This is because
there isn't enough clearance between the bumper cover and bar for the
butterfly.  Also, the toggle bolts are typically a light duty application
with flimsy bolt diameter.

I think Ti's description of a bolt threaded into the bumper bar is the way
to go.  Also, I think a support tube placed over the bolt, between the
license plate bracket and the bumper bar will be a good thing to install.
This would about a 1 inch length of metal tube about 3/8 inch diameter, the
purpose being to fill the gap between the bracket and bumper bar, reducing
flex and taking stress off the bolts.

Six tickets?  For no front license plate?  Yikes!  What's the cost for this

I think one reason law enforcement likes the front plate is it's an ideal
reflector for radar.
Dave C.

At 09:16 AM 7/11/2003 -0700, Chris Dyer wrote:
>I too am trying to do this (after 6 tickets--not a "fix-it" ticket
>apparently...grr!).  On mine, the bracket actually broke off its mounting,
>leaving 2 round holes in the black plastic on the fr. bumper.  I'm
>considering the use of mucho marine epoxy, combined with butterfly bolts
>(for hanging things on drywall) from the hardware store.
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