why I drive an old Audi and not a new Kia

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Fri Jul 11 14:15:06 EDT 2003

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And very few made it to north america. but They were a sturdy car I never had
really any major problems driving my old 505 turbo but all of my friends and
girlfriend did. But I felt safer in that vehicle than i do in my girlfriends
caviler. New cars just don't stand up to the punishment that i give my 4ksq
and that old peice of rusted french crap. the cars were stable up untill 200
km on a dirt road and her caviler shakes the interior out of it at 90km


87 4ksq

85 505 turbo ( dead and gone)
>From: Tom Nas
>To: quattro at audifans.com
>CC: "Kent McLean"
>Subject: Re: why I drive an old Audi and not a new Kia
>Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 19:07:32 +0200
>"Kent McLean" wrote:
>>Dave Arkle wrote:
>> > Peugot 505STX.
>>It was so good that Peugeot decided to leave the US market
>>because we don't deserve such a piece of engineering.
>Actually, they are such sturdy cars that most of them here in
>Holland went
>to Africa where they'll soldier on for decades. Something Audis
>did... though a lot of those went to Russia and Poland.
>'77 80
>'78 80 x2
>'88 90q
>'90 80

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