Audi humour

Per Lindgren lindgre at
Sat Jul 12 03:27:23 EDT 2003

Same thing with my old VW.

"What kind of Volkswagen?"
"A 1600"
"1600 Golf, Jetta or Passat"
"No, it's a 1600! Just look throught the tables and you'll find it"
"Umm, is it a Beetle?
"May I find it myself?"
"Please do!"

So, for those of you who dont follow, VW 1600 is the proper name for the
type 3 squareback. Mine's a 73.

87 Cq

QuickAudi at wrote:

>"Hey, what kind of car is that again?"
>"A V8."
>"Yeah, I know what engine is in it, but what is the name of the car?"
>"It's a V8; look it up in the book."
>"Are you sure?"
>(thoughts about what to really say ensue here) "Yup."
>Joel Liggins
>'90 V8q
>'86 5kcstq
>In a message dated 7/11/2003 4:04:36 PM Eastern Standard Time, "J. Lyons" <raudi1 at>
>>How about - "You got an '84 CGT, huh? That's the one
>>WITHOUT quattro, right?"

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