Audi coupe 87.5 ignition module location

Fred no frederick999991 at
Sat Jul 12 18:33:35 EDT 2003

Hi does anybody that has a 87.5 or any other know where the ignition control
module is located on those coupe ng equipped cars i looked at usual audi
4000s location, not there even dough jetronic control module is at same
location: attached to glove compartment. I have taken the whole glove box
off looked up at the right of the a/c condensor rad  took off the little
piece near the door where the 88 audi 5 cyl ignition module is placed but to
no avail please dont tell me its under the a/c rad.Could it be in the
trunk???   lol    Need help! Btw i did not remove center console,  since
there usually only the cruise control...Not that it's broken but i want to
know where the dam thing is !Maybe change the timing map too later on.. .If
there's a file out there... Also my ng coupe has all proper id but black
mirrors and spoiler but spoiler has been changed (not trunk with engine code
ng on sticker and proper serial). Wonder how rare my car is...

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