Q regarding wheel bearing and headliner -'87 - 5KCSTQ

David Balbirona dbalbirona at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 13 07:52:46 EDT 2003

Hey Audi fans,

I have 2 issues currently at hand.

1st: Can anyone confirm the part number for the rear wheel bearing for an
'87 - 5KCSTQ?  I think it should be 443 498 625E.   I have heard that these
bearings are common between many of the VW models and Audis.  As such, is
there a "best" place to acquire this kit - aftermarket, dealer, etc?

2nd: I am the lucky recipient of the dreaded saggy hearliner.  I searched
the archives and have read the various methods to try and fix it - 3M spray
adhesive, thumbtacks, Tac-It spray adhesive as well as professional
replacement.  I have also seen DIY kits for about $35.  Most of the posts
are 2+ years old.  Has anybody had any recent experience with these methods?
  I am especially interested in the DIY kits.


--David Balbirona
Renton, WA

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