speedline refurbishment questions

Alan Pritchard apritchard at seaeye.com
Mon Jul 14 10:06:12 EDT 2003

picked up a set of 15" speedlines for a reasonable price at the weekend. one
wheel was close to perfect, the other three were in various states, so i
decided to strip all the paint and start afresh.  i used just general paint
stripper and that did not seem to work too well, it had the lacquer off in
no time, but the silver paint and primer it only just softened.  so the
first question is what is the best stuff i can get in the uk to take this
paint off with a minimum of fuss?  secondly, the fake allen screws i thought
to be cast into the wheel, it turns out they are plastic, i am contemplating
removing them and fixing the surface afterwards, i figured pulling them out
with pliers, but thehy seem quite tough, any btdt's? what would be best to
fill the holes with (i guess they use holes to locate), i was thinking
epoxy, or even replace them afterwards with proper stainless items, again
any btdt's?
thanks, ps i did not want to get them shot blasted as i have good tyres on
them and figured with care i could get a good result without removing them.

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