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Tue Jul 15 10:51:58 EDT 2003

Those are summer tires, I thought the original question was suggestions
for all season .

Anyway, I have the AVS ES 100, and it's a good tire for the money, great
in wet, but I don't like them. They track, and dry traction is not very
good. I am changing them for the Bridgestone SO-3.


David wrote:

>If you want some real tests (including wet perforance) of low priced, high performance tires, check out
>They tested:
>Kumho ECSTA Supra 712 Ultra High Performance 225/45R17
>Sumitomo HTR Z II Ultra High Performance 225/45R17
>Yokohama AVS ES100 Ultra High Performance 225/45R17
>Basically they found that in order of performance it was: Yoko, Sumi, Kumho...all 3 are in the same price range. I got my Yoko's for $50 each in 195/50/15.
>1987 CGT Special Build 2.3
>SE Virginia
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>>Date: 2003/07/15 Tue AM 10:09:07 EDT
>>To: l.leung at,  quattro at
>>Subject: Re: Tires
>>how do they handle in WET weather?  I keep finding nice dry tires but, not living in AZ, I have to deal with wet roads pretty often!
>>90 V8Q
>>>Personnally, I'd take a GOOD look at the
>>>Kumho 712's, if you also run snows in the
>>>winter (if that applies). A whole lot of
>>>performance for the money, Grassroots Motorsports
>>>actually found that they compare VERY well
>>>(mid pack of some rather nice tires) to other
>>>high performance rubber (Sumitomo HTR-Z, Pirelli
>>>P7000, some Michelin Pilot, though don't recall
>>>the model, Falken Ziev something or other), and their
>>>price point is well below all of them.
>>>I would, however, caution of using them as a year
>>>round tire, their performance falls off notably
>>>once the temps drop to around 35 degrees F or so,
>>>snow or no snow.
>>>LL - NY

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