Manual shifter mystery

SJ syljay at
Tue Jul 15 22:43:04 EDT 2003

I checked that setscrew on the shift lever(11), its fine. I checked the
other linkages also, and reached in deep to check on the looseness that I
spotted before.

I got my fingers on the connecting rod(48) and found the end that attaches
to the transmission case ball joint(46) was loose. I felt around and found
the connecting rod bushing lying loose on the trans case. The connection rod
was just lying on top of the ball joint . . .nothing holding in on but
gravity. That explains the loose play in neutral.

I dont see any bushings called out on the FA . .just the connecting rod(48).
I guess the nylon bushings come with it.

I had the wife play with the shifter while I watched the action down below.
Sounds kinky, dont it?

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