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Mike Robinson quattrofan at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jul 15 23:36:58 EDT 2003

Javad runs the 034efi.com website, which has a lot of info and prices on his
"toys."  A lot of his development is for an MC style motor in the smaller
type 89.  This means that you'll have more space, using the same stuff in a
type 44.  HTH

Mike Robinson
88 90q 261,00 miles
89 200tq 168,000 miles

On 7/15/03 10:17 PM, "Zsolt" <zsolt1 at telusplanet.net> wrote:

> Javad,
> I am sure I am not the only one who is really interested in your
> developing this engine. So speaking of production parts/tweaked parts,
> say I would like to modify my engine in my 885ktq similarly to what you
> have done;
> 1, What exactly is available to buy and bolt on? (Either Audi/VW or
> other products)
> 2, What has to be custom built to make it fit/work, and what are needed
> to build them?
> 3, What programming is needed to have it run right, and what is required
> to do it?
> 4, What do you estimate it would cost to buy/build the parts?
> 5, How long would it take from stock form to put it all together?
> Seriously, perhaps not to the point where you took your car, but I would
> be interested to make those mods to my car as long as it remains
> reliably derivable.
> Zsolt
> JShadzi at aol.com wrote:
>> --
>> [ Picked text/plain from multipart/alternative ]
>> Ti, understood, and I agree with your below assessment, i think we both agree
>> that the middle ground you present below is more that "that one term" that I
>> won't belabor again ;)
>> So..
>> Have you ever been to a party, or at work, and you just got back from a
>> really cool trip from Maui, and you're telling your co-worker or friend about
>> it -
>> "Ya, we went snorkeling, and I saw a shark, it was like 4' long, and it swam
>> like 10 feet from me, I was thrilled!"
>> Your Co-worker, before you can barely get your sentence out, begins - "about
>> how his friend in high school's uncle once went diving in the Great Barrier
>> Reef, and a 40', maybe bigger, Great While Shark savagely attacked him, yet
>> even
>> thigh deep in shark teeth his uncle was bravely able to scoop the shark's
>> eyes out of its cartilage scull with his divers knife, and escape the saws of
>> iminent death."
>> Well, that's kinda how I feel when my 13.2 prompts stories of 11 and even 10
>> second cars ;)
>> But, I will say that in the last couple of years the promise of 10v power has
>> become much easier, with a good management system to run it all, hp levels
>> will be climbing, I'm nary close to being finished with even this stock 10v
>> long
>> block, stay tuned for more tinkering in the near future.
>> Javad
>> In a message dated 7/15/2003 7:10:16 PM Pacific Standard Time, ti at amb.org
>> writes:
>>> Sorry Javad if what I wrote made you think that I am not doing you
>>> justice...  On the contrary, I think your work is mighty impressive
>>> and you should be very proud of it.
>>> I am aware of the fact that your custom 034 efi system, turbo, etc.
>>> are available.  That's all great.  However, your car in its present
>>> form, is much more than just a bunch of parts that some others could
>>> buy and bolt together.  There is still a lot of custom fab, welding,
>>> etc, etc...  and I don't think that jumbo intercooler you have is
>>> readily available for purchase, is it?  Or that hybrid KH intake
>>> manifold with VR6 throttle body?  Do you plan to produce a "kit" that
>>> one could buy and have everything included for installation and get
>>> to where you car is?  For someone who has the resources to do custom
>>> work and fab stuff, and don't mind spending many hours/days/weeks making
>>> things fit, then your car serves as a excellent example.
>>> So, I might have misused the term "tweak and tinker", but I think you
>>> get my point.
>>>> So anyhoo, next time we do lunch you can have a ride, and determine first
>>> hand how fast "tweeking and tinkering" will really get you =)
>>> Invitation gladly accepted! :-)

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