rebuilt 4kq rear calipers sticky/seizing - recomendations?

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Wed Jul 16 13:56:18 EDT 2003

No rebuilt caliper will last long . . .except the one you rebuild yourself.

Many shops wont carry rebuilt rear calipers for Audi . . .because of the
problem you describe . . most rebuilds wont last a year. The only recourse
is buying a new caliper for big bucks . . . .or . . .rebuild it yourself.

Make sure its not your brake cable that is binding.

We just had a thread on this topic, which included the part number for the
E-brake shaft seal . . the only part that needs replacement. Everything else
is just a matter of disassembly, cleaning, sanding, reassembly. The only
really hard part is putting back the C clip in the piston. But I described
that procedure, and have pix to show the "special" tooling(bent nail in vice

Here is the latest gossip on the E-brake:

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I'll send you the pix in seperate email. Oh yeah, thats the pix that I took
when I was working on the E-brakes. Good stuff gets passed around quickly on
the net.

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> Subject: rebuilt 4kq rear calipers sticky/seizing - recomendations?
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> Well, the rebuilt rear calipers I got from Foreign
> Autopart have developed a sticky rear e-brake again
> after a little under 2 years.  Tried cleaining up and
> lubing the mechanism, but one still sticks.  Easily
> pops free w/ a light hammer tap.  Can anyone recommend
> a good source of rebuilt rear calipers that might last
> a little longer?  Or is this about all I can expect
> from rebuilds?
> -Bill Perron

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