Drag racing times - parts/work to modify

Michael Gough mdg3369 at newtsplace.com
Wed Jul 16 14:36:22 EDT 2003

>From: Jim Green <jeg1976 at yahoo.com>
> Now, if you go Mike Gough style, cut those prices in
> half or even a third, but you better be ready to
> bargin:)

Yes, a third is about right. Though, wile my installation is functional, it
sure doesn't look as cool as Javad's or Jim's, that's where the other 2/3 of
the money is. I'm using truck radiator hose for my intercooler piping, my
K27 was built from a seized core (works fine though) etc. It's all a matter
of priorities and funding. If I had the money to spend on pretty silicone
hoses etc, I would, but plain ol' rubber hose holds 15psi just as well for
about 1/10 the price....

>> Seriously, perhaps not to the point where you took
>> your car, but I would
>> be interested to make those mods to my car as long
>> as it remains
>> reliably derivable.

My car has been turbocharged for a little over two years, and EFI'ed for
about a year and a half. I haven't been left stranded once (and my parents
had never been stranded with the car stock in the 13 years they drove it)
IMO installing the header, EFI, large IC etc won't affect reliability any,
as long as everything is built and installed correctly.
Just my $0.02

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