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No, the AARP is WAAYYY too powerful a lobby. Instead, insurance actuaries
chase down teenagers and young drivers and charge them (and/or their
families) out the yin-yang because people their age "statistically" are
bad/dangerous drivers.

So if you drive from age 17 until you get married and don't have an
accident, do you get a rebate? Hell no...damn insurance companies...biggest
scam in the land.



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> There is a sad irony of a sort in hearing about the leadfoot in Santa
> Monica.  I've been saying for years -- based on hundreds of thousands of
> miles of driving experience -- that the most dangerous car on the road
> is not the Corvette, Jeep Wrangler, Mustang GT or any of the usual
> suspects.  It's the full-sized Buick sedan.
> I've lost count of the number of times that I've come upon challenged
> souls, well into their white-haired dotage, driving a big Buick.
> They're swerving from shoulder to median and back to the shoulder,
> running up my butt or running red lights with blissfully medicated
> expressions on their faces.
> Methinks an auto insurance actuary who knows how to crunch numbers would
> arrive at the same conclusion.  Buick already knows it.  It's biggest
> challenge, one that it is failing at despite the brand's sterling
> reliability of the last few years, is that Buick owners are literally
> dying off.  Or in this case, dying others off.
> Shaun Mullen
> Newark, DE

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