Brake Light Situation SOLVED!!!!-but more questions

Rafhia rafhia.hamilton at
Sat Jul 19 01:18:17 EDT 2003

I added some hydraulic fluid like most of you suggested and now the car is
running fine. The red brake light never came on when I turned it on, and I
drove around the neighborhood, just to test things out.
I am going to do "the bomb" test tomorrow, just to make sure that everything
is really okay.
On another note, I would like to thank all of you who responded to my
initial post. This is by far the best group/community online.
But since you have all been so helpful with this problem I have a few more
that may be easy to you, but I am still having a hard time figuring out.

1.When I open the front driver-side door it creaks then Pops, like the door
isn't sitting right or something. I have saturated all of the joints in
WD40, but the "pop" won't stop. I also noticed that the rubber sleeve that
is around the joint that connects  the door and the front of the car is a
bit corroded and turning a rusty brown color. I am assuming that a nut or
bolt is missing because I can see the part siding in a bit then popping up a
bit to side into the door casing. I tried to find out the names of what I
was talking about in the Hayes manual, but there weren't any picture of what
I am talking about.
A few weeks ago the driver side lock stopped working. I can lock it with the
key if I jiggle it a bit, but I can not unlock the door from that side. Do
you think that there is something wrong with the whole door. Is it easy to
get the door off to poke around?

2. I just got a new radiator, water pump, hoses and belts installed. But for
some reason the fans runs like crazy. If I am driving for a while and stop
at a light, the fan kicks in , but it is really loud. When I start driving
again, it quiets up a bit, but it's kind of frightening. I keep on thinking
that the car is so hot that it's going to blow. When I stop the car the fan
will run for anywhere from 2-7 minutes after I have turned it off. I have
had neighbors call me to tell me that I left the car running outside. My
lame excuse to them so far is " Oh, it's a turbo, so it has to cool off". Am
I right at all, or is something thrown off in the cooling/fan system. The
temperature gauge never goes above the middle mark, so I can't figure out
what the fan runs like the car is about to catch on fire.
Any ideas about why this happens? Is it normal? or is there something that I
can adjust to make this more bearable and less noisy.
Thank you all for all of your help. This list serve is the only reason that
I haven't given up on this car. I am assuming that with the right tools and
time and help from this list, I could keep this car around for a while.

Rafhia Foster-Hamilton
rafhia.hamilton at

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