87 - 5KCSQT - Rear wheel bearings...

David Balbirona dbalbirona at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 19 22:49:02 EDT 2003

Hi all,

I purchased the rear wheel bearing kit from SJM Autoteknik.  After checking
the Bentley, I am a bit unclear as to exactly how much must be removed for
the bearing to be pressed out.  I am certain that somebody has the BTDT on
this.  Also, it would be a shame to get the work done and find out it was
the front left bearing and not the rear left bearing.  Is there a way to
absolutely determine which end is causing this?  I know that it should be
the left side as opposed to the right since the loud noise all but
disappears while turning left and increased while turning right.  Lastly, I
have some Eibach rear springs that the previous owner left in the trunk as
he never got around to installing them.  Is this the best time to install
these springs?  I will be getting an alignment after the bearing has been
replaced and don't want to have the work done in the wrong order.


--David Balbirona
Renton, WA

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