Power steering belt question:

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Sun Jul 20 21:40:39 EDT 2003

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Allrighty this is getting me a little frustrated.
I have an aby motor with a 7a crank pulley.
It's the same setup as the 7a motor now basically.

I was sent from Blau.. a Conti? 13x992belt
And then I was sent the same thing From Performance motorsport.

For the life of me I can't get it to fit.. it should be a 12.5x995? I belie=
ve, but as I type this I am looking at etka and it also says 12.5x992. Note=
d ekta also says 12.5x1030 for the aby motor but I have the crank pulley fr=
om the 7a motor attached now so it shouldn't matter.

I read etka, I check through the bently. At this point I will be going to t=
he Stealership with an etka print out and make sure I get the right belt...

But has anyone else have issuse with this same problem?


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