Bumper cover

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Mon Jul 21 02:30:16 EDT 2003

I don't understand the USAA part, BUT:
The Audi gods have a RECALL campaigned about this.
They "fixed" my wife's A6 to prevent this thing from happening.
The LQ campaign link is here:
Tell the dealer to fix it as its caused by the design of the bumper cover.
It may be a hard sell, but one I feel that is warranted.
Figure out if what your lady did, was any different than parking in a
spot and then backing out and having the bumper cover catch on a
concrete wheel bars or whatever they are called
(parking stops or curbs as AOA calls them).

Its not something she did on purpose as many others have done the same

The angle and dropping one wheel may be an issue but the claim and blame
may be already borne by the design.
HTH -Scott in BOSTON

The better half drove her gorgeous Tornado Red
'99 A6 quattro into an angle parking place where the left wheel managed to
drop into a slight depression. On backing out she heard the dreaded scraping
sound. My inspection revealed the bumper cover had pulled away slightly from
fender, bent the retainer and the fender a little, all to the tune of
plus at the local dealer's body shop. What is Audi doing about this if
anything. Would rather not turn it in to USAA.
Thanks in advance for your advice.

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