"New" Audi 100 turbo Avant

Phil Payne quattro at isham-research.com
Mon Jul 21 17:24:00 EDT 2003

> Congratulations on the "new" Avant.
> Do you notice any torque steer in the FWD chassis with the 1.8 bar power?
> As I recall, your last Avant was a quattro. The FWD should be lighter than
> a quattro, which has its advantages.  I would be interested in hearing
> about driving difference you notice between this FWD car and the red
> quattro Avant you had before.

Chalk and cheese.  Not even vaguely comparable.

Yes - ABSOLUTELY VICIOUS torque steer.  I'm used to it from my days with a Coupe GT, but even
so it was a shock and really caught me off guard the first time I hit the tit in first gear.
It continues all the while the turbo is spinning up - with the Coupe GT it was a short-lived
phenomenon.  I've commented already several times that the full power is a real issue in first
and second, and also in third when crossing white lines.

Compared with my (Torsen)  quattro, handling is less predictable and the exact limits much
less well defined - and it's a lot less forgiving if you exceed them.

It's quieter.  Significantly so.  Against my expectations, I'm also getting better fuel

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