IRC and my engine update

luke maytagasm at
Mon Jul 21 13:07:03 EDT 2003

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i set my mirc script to autojoin #quattro on efnet. im so far the only one there... if you want to chat or even idle pop in... hopefully i can get a bot soon...

and on a completely different note:
i put my KH dual oil filter housing on my new MC. fits great. this might be a good upgrade for anyone who wants a little extra
paranoid protection for their oil cooled turbo.if anyone knows any advantages/disadvantages to this setup let me know.
also note that if you do this you need to change your oil cooler adapters to 16x1.5 (mm) (mc uses 18x1.5).

anyone know a good sized aluminum rad (as on another car) that fits the 90tq nicely?
i saw a jeep with a front mounted aluminum rad that would be perfect, but its definately not a stock rad.
im going to try looking at turbo charged rear wheel drive options as i think that might be my best bet...
i want something cheap from a junkyard.


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