Alternator Grounding??

Bob Rossato bob.rossato at
Tue Jul 22 00:10:27 EDT 2003

The older VWs and Audis (late 70's early '80s) had ground straps from the
alternator to the block.

P/N is 067 971 233.  That's the most popular one but I think there are a
couple of others.

It is a braided strap similar to the hood ground straps that attached to the
end of one of the alternator housing screws with an 8mm nut.


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> Subject: Alternator Grounding??
> I had an alternator go bad this last weekend and while I was
> installing it's
> free replacement (thanks NAPA) I started to wonder about having a
> ground wire
> for the alternator.
> On my CGT all I have is two big red wires going to the same
> terminal and one
> small blue wire which I am guessing is not a ground since it goes into the
> dash...
> Am I missing a wire?   Would a ground strap to the block help? hurt?  Does
> the alternator ground through it's housing?
> Thanks
> Matt Kramer
> '83 CGTt

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