a very rough Audi weekend

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Of course these are not mutually exclusive options/considerations, and no one is saying it's
okay to cut any corners when it comes to safety, right?  I wasn't offering the most critical part
of the installation.  After all, even with the bolt in backwards, it wasn't part of the failure.

If I knew there was a recommended way that actually made sense, then I'd feel funny about
putting the bolt in the other way.  The other stuff like hardware and torque I think is a given.

I'm actually surprised that the ball joint post is allowed to move in the strut housing and
make contact with the clamping bolt.  I thought it was supposed to be squeezed in place by
the bolt, resulting in no shifting at all.  Kinda like the wheels are hub-centric but are held on
by the bolts too.  Or maybe not kinda like that.


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> That's fine and dandy, but my comments below still stand, that is hardly the most critical part of the installation.
> Javad
> > The UrS4 Bentley specifies that the ball joint bolt head should face to the
> > rear of the car.
> >
> > Fred Munro
> > '94 S4
> >
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> > Yes, I've heard this too, but lets face it, the nastly vibrations a strut
> > housing encounters will overpower or reverse any of this philisophical
> > wrangling below - if the nut falls off your ball joint fastener, you're
> > screwed, doesn't matter which way its facing.
> >
> > I think the idea is to use the right fasteners and ensure they're torqued
> > properly, and not to take any peace in thinking you're safe because the bolt
> > is facing one way or the other.  I've never had a failure here, most people
> > haven't, I always use new lock nuts whenever I'm in the ball joint area, and
> > replace the bolt if need be.
> >
> > Javad
> >
> > >
> > >Hey, since this is a safety topic, I think that bolt is the wrong way.  It
> > is said that braking forces are much stronger than acceleration forces, and
> > that it is best to have the bolt go in from the back.  This way if you
> > somehow lose the nut, the bolt is less likely to be lost from braking
> > forces.
> > >
> > >At least that's what I remember Phil Payne stating, and it
> > makes sense to
> > me.
> > >
> > >Ken
> > >
> > >
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