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John Sherrow sherrow at westol.com
Tue Jul 22 19:01:18 EDT 2003

I've used both the paintscratch.com with flex additive and standard
paint on an Isuzu trooper plastic bumper which took a nasty parking lot
scrape twice!! No difference I could tell.

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  I just heard back from a online dealer in paint about flex additives
in paint for bumpers.  He stated that I would need to use a flex primer,
and then use reg spray paint.  He stated since I needed it in a spray
can, It won't work to put it into a can.

  Is this correct, I know very little about these things.  I am still
going to check around, but I would like to know anyone's thoughts on
this.  Is he being cautious, or just trying to cover a process he
doesn't have the capability to do to make a sale?

Thanks all,

Cade Carvell
National Business Systems, Inc.
2919 West Service Road
Eagan, MN 55121
Office: 651-994-4400

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