89 200q normal oil pressure?

Nate Stuart newt at newtsplace.com
Wed Jul 23 01:24:12 EDT 2003

Sounds totally normal to me. The 90tq pushes 5+bar when cold, and ~2.5-3
at idle when hot. I'm running 15w-50 Mobil 1, FWIW. Engine has ~80k on it.

Mike Robinson said:
> In my new to me 200, I am trying to figure out what the proper oil
> pressure
> should be.  When the car starts up, the gauge shows nearly 5 bar and is
> pretty close to the max.  After some cautious driving, the reading falls.
> During idle the pressure is between 1 to 2 bar or so.  The pressure
> increases through the rpms.  Is the 5 bar at start normal?
> Mike Robinson
> 88 90q
> 89 200tq

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