Need help a possible plugged kitty

Jim Green jeg1976 at
Wed Jul 23 13:27:27 EDT 2003

So the car just will not build boost hardly at all.
Here's what I know.

-Clean air filter
-New turbo (long story)happened before this as well
-No intake leaks, a pinhole hear and there, but
 nothing that wasn't there before.
-Tried different BPV with same results
-Disconnected lower WG hose, same results!
-WG doesn't seem to be sticking by moving it manualy.
-Seems to idle rougher, but still drives well, just
takes forever to build boost, usually will not go
above 6 psi.

-exhaust still sounds the same as far as I can tell.

I'm going try and get a backpressure reading through
one of the O2 bungs tonight.  Has anyone BTDT with a
plugged cat?  How hard are these to hollow out?  I
would only leave it like that for a month or so since
it's due for emissions, but the new turbo and other
things have sucked me dry for a while.


Jim Green
'89 90tq 034EFI Stage II

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