update on the power saga

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Wed Jul 23 19:26:06 EDT 2003

>> Sounds like a bad warm up regulator to me... or at least one that
>> needs its little screens cleaned.   Do you have another you can swap
>> in?
> just the one that would be for the MC, but it should be set for
> different pressures, right?

No, as far as I know, all the different WUR's are the same.  I ran a
used one from a ovloV in my 83 5kt for years.  Vacuum ports pointed
differently, but other than that it was the same.

> hmm...  could just sitting attached to the block w/ no fuel going
> through it for a couple years do that?

I suppose so, old fuel can get gummy, right?

> is there a procedure online that i can look at on how to clean the
> screens?  i know that it is a pretty delicate procedure to be opening
> them up...

nah, just remove it (don't let the torque of undoing the fuel lines be
taken by the mounting bolts, they are a bit small for that) and give it
a good going-over with some carb cleaner.  Soak it well.  The screens
are inside each fuel line connection, a small brush might help get to
them.  Shooting carb cleaner or compressed air into one blasts the other
one clean, as I recall.

Do something like hang a rag over it to manage fuel spray when you crack
the fuel lines open, of course, and do all this work in a well
ventilated area, like outside.

Huw Powell



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