Ecotek CB-26Ps

Marc Sims avarlinqui at
Thu Jul 24 12:20:02 EDT 2003

Hello All

I have a query I can't seem to get my head arround.  I have just purchased
two CB-26Ps for my 80q 12v 2.6 V6, I am trying to figure out where I can
install them.

According to the tech spec I'm meant to place them in between my brake servo
(bomb?) and my inlet manifold.

If you look at the above pages you can see where they can go on the A4 2.6
V6 however the pipe that is shown in the pic doesn't appear to exist on my
car.  The only similar pipe is a pipe that comes out of the unit that sits
under the spark unit (the bit that all the leads plug into) this pipe then
feeds itself under the battery compartment and gets tangled up amongst what
looks like power steering pipes.
  Is this the pipe in question? it doesn't appear to come from the manifold
but the unit infront (under spark unit).  Is there any other air pipes I
could use instead, the website mentions using almost any pipe that feeds
into the manifold but there seems to be a distinct lack of pipes available.

Any help / light shed would be appreciated.

  Marc S

80q 12v 2.6 V6 (one of the last made).

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