rally deutschland

luke maytagasm at sympatico.ca
Thu Jul 24 21:07:10 EDT 2003

true the haldex isnt very good for rally compared to the torsen...
but it can be modified to go to 50/50 mode with in car adjuster...

and the regulations say nothing about using production drivelines or
id laugh the day i saw an awd production ford fuc*us

and it is a golf...
maybe next time they reinvent their lineup...
the 80 series just keeps getting bigger and bigger...
in the classic lineup was there anything between an audi 50 and an audi 80?

btw... what are your predictions?


> You bet there's still one VAG rally going on, and it should be going
> strong, AFAIK, Herr Lehmann himself has been in charge of making the Skoda
> team competitive....
> But there's no way the Golf Mk 4 4 motion with 225 HP will make it to
> rallyes, that car isn't even a proper 4wd, oops, did I say Golf? I meant
> :-))))
> Mihnea
> At 16:47 24/07/2003 -0400, luke wrote:
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> >any predictions for tomorrow?
> >
> >i predict loeb 1., panizzi 2., 3. martin.
> >
> >my big prediction though is a BIG surprise from skoda's new fabia.
> >i think they are going to big a competitor in this thing... at least way
> >more than you would
> >expect out of its first race...
> >
> >at least there is ONE VAG rally team still going...
> >i doubt they can catch ford or subara this season...
> >but i bet they can get up with the french teams by next season (citroen,
> >peugot)
> >
> >if only audi would enter the s3... i know it could compete... i doubt it
> >could dominate...
> >and thats one reason they wont enter.
> >maybe someday...
> >
> >luke
> >90tq
> >--

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