Ecotek CB-26Ps

luke maytagasm at
Thu Jul 24 21:34:23 EDT 2003

ok... so this thing is supposed to do half of what audis new fsi does...
but not even.
the fsi uses valves IN the intake manifold to make are tumble... but
then has specially designed pistons so it circulates in the combustion
the fuel is set up to be released right in the center of the "swirling" air,
which causes reduced heat.
this only works at low rpms... ie. under 2000.
this thing claims to improve gas consumption almost as much...
thats a bit extreme.
how is it many of the best engineers in the world are stumped by a little
small company
on their OWN engines?

to be honest i think its the placebo affect...
i can see it making difference on a select group of engine types...
but it everyone seems to think it works on EVERY engine...
it cant work on any forced induction engine IMHO.
i dunno...
doesnt add up to me.
why can i find no major web reviews?
all the reviews i found are little sites...
get car and driver or european car or even audi driver to review it and then
maybe maybe ill believe its claims

always the skeptic

> >no offence... but i think this thing is a load of crap...
> >MOTORWAY  29.5 mpg 37 mpg
> >
> >ya right...
> >
> >The page cannot be displayed
> Cause it's no longer, the addy below is the temp one for cruisequest.
> >
> >seems to work though... they review a trak m8. on the main page you
> >it is one of their sponsors.this page seems VERY fly by night... and
> >unprofessional. can someone back me up on this?
> >luke 90tq
> Impossible for the ecotec site to be fly by night, its been around for
> years. (or was it the other site your on about?)
> The reviews I have found across the web show that this widget is not a
> of time / money and according to the physics of the unit can only be a
> to those with bog standard cars, especially audi's and VW's if the reviews
> have been correct.
>   I will admit that once you however start seriously tuning etc this unit
> will not be needed.  Just look for the mails about the heavily tuned VW
> in the ecotec forum with the guys at ecotec after trying to get this base
> 45mpg to improve further and couldn't offered a complete refund, now you
> can't complain about that.
> Anyway as soon as I have some data to report be it good or bad I will let
> those members of the audi lists know about it.
> Marc S
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